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Everyone keeps diagnosing you with an "-itis"or an "-osis" diagnosis 🙄

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Patients with biceps tendinITIS or tendinOSIS usually complain of a deep, throbbing ache in the anterior (front) shoulder. Repetitive overhead motion of the arm brings on the pain or makes the symptoms you experience worse. You may have a history of overhead sporting, repetitive overhead work (maybe you're a painter? or an electrician), or less lik

ely talked about work with your shoulders rolled forward (office work) and feel you have "bad posture."


I am here to remind you that -itis & -otis terms imply inflammation. And inflammation is not a diagnosis but rather a symptom, just like a runny nose isn't a diagnosis. It is merely a symptom of a cold. Sometimes we might treat symptoms for relief, but it's the cause we should be treating. Maybe treating the runny nose once a year might be ok but someone who has an ongoing cold or is continuously sick should consider why this might be.

In saying that, and in getting back to the shoulder, it's important that you don't just accept your -itis & -osis diagnosis and ask why I have inflammation as a symptom and my inflammation is a symptom of what?

At Form & Function Chiropractic, we couldn't be more excited about shoulders or more excited about you leaving your painful 😖 limiting 🤕 -itis behind you. Come in and let us get to the root of your constant inflammatory-type pain. Let's do this 😌

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