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Hi. My name is Miika!

I am so happy to meet you. Whether you have stumbled onto Form & Function or have a friend, family member, or specialist recommend you reach out to me, I am ready to listen and help. 

Fun Facts about Me!


I started my Health Care Career in Aged Care & Disability services, including Adult Mental Health. I went from hands-on care to working within the corporate sector. Those 12+ years of experience have truly shaped me as a Primary Health Care Provider. 


Yes! That's an accent you hear! I am from Missouri and moved from the United States to Australia when I was 14 years old. I am both happy and honored to be an Australian citizen. 


My favorite part about being a Chiropractor is using everything we learned every day in practice! That means not just chiropractic adjustments but soft tissue therapy, dry needling, exercise rehabilitation, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle advice


I often have long-term patients refer to me as their Physiotherapists due to how much time I spend on things other than Chiropractic adjustments. 


Exercise means everything to me hence the "Form & Function"


To quote a patient," Some things never change. Death, taxes, and Miika working non-stop." So, if you need an appointment, I will always find a way to help those in need, is what I think he was trying to say!


I do have hobbies outside of doing the job that I love. They include weightlifting, cooking & cleaning, a chore to some, ice skating, studying Serbian, and talking about how we should not be dependent on healthcare to be healthy; education is the key!


 ​I'm young in years but old in experiences. I can't wait to share my knowledge with you. 

Want to partner with me? 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. If you or your sports community, corporation or business would like to work with me or me work for you, please reach out to me at

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